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I'm particular

● Greeting

"Japanese style bar Kamawanu" were being supported by many customers up to now from establishment on July 29th in 2005 and were enjoying.
Why is a shop's name "Kamawanu"?I think there are a lot of people who wonder.
The young landlady likes the Japanese design took "Kamawanu" of a shop's name from the favorite  "Kamawanu"design.And there is simple but deep meaning in "Kamawanu".
"I can't mind so much, but please relax." such meaning is included too.
So, the customer who read this sentence. When you don't make a mistake in the name of the store and call it "Kamawanu", I'm happy.
I exert myself strenuously so that the dish a customer can enjoy will be good and be a loved store.I hope to see more of you.

● I'm also particular about tableware

I'm also particular about tableware. Store owner's parents' home is a pottery shop.
I'm also particular about tableware of a dish, so when having a meal, please also pay attention to tableware.