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● Food

Yakitori/Japanese stew/Noodles/Rice/Tempura/Salad/Sashimi/Grilled fish/Dish of giblets/Dessert etc...It has the abundant kinds.
There is also a handy 300 yen section.
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● Drink

Sake/A distilled beverage/cocktail/beer/whiskey/juice/tea/wine
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● Banquet plan ※It needs reservation

★4,000 yen course
★4,500 yen course
★5,000 yen course
※ without tax

Banquet plan

A dish and  It's a plan of the recommendation which can be enjoyed with drink 2 hours freely. When there is request of a dish and the price, please consult any time. It'll be use of more than 2 people.
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